We are a sanctuary for life, good will and harmony in El Salvador.

Every aspect of design was made to mimick and honor nature; resulting in an productive and abundant system that intends to compliment local microclimates and ecosystems. The result is a nurturing and life giving environment, not only for humans, but for the countless life forms that live with and around us and the land.


We use these principles and theories of permaculture in the way we run and maintain our resort and farm.


With over 300 km of easily accessible coastline, El Salvador offers a wide array of world class surf to choose from.


Our yoga deck is overlooking Comasagua River and surrounded by native and fruit trees. Come relax and tune into your breath under the calls of tropical birds and a warm sea breeze.
Nature Mandala Eco Villas El Salvador
Surf Mandala Eco Villas El Salvador
Accommodations Mandala Eco Villas El Salvador
Accommodations Mandala Eco Villas El Salvador


Mandala Eco Villas El Salvador

While not sacrificing comfort and commodity for ecological responsibility,
we have designed our cabins to stay cool and breezy during the hottest of days and warmest of nights.

Our Restaurant

Mandala Eco Villas El Salvador

Mandala Seafood uses local produce, local sustainable wild line caught or speared and farm raised seafood, poultry and meat raised naturally without hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products whenever possible.


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Lot. √Čl Cocal, Hacienda Santa Emilia. Block 6 1-4, La Libertad, El Salvador