Playa El Cocal is located at the km 37 of the Litoral road, right next to the city of La Libertad. In this area you find private residentials, quiet environment, a couple hotels and hostels and beach houses available for rent. This area is separated by the river, making the east side known as Cocal or Recodo and the next side at the west known as San Blas Beach, both very different, Cocal is sandy just in summers, the rest of the year in the rain season is rocky.

San Blas is one of the only sandy beaches that keep the sand during the rainy season in La Libertad area. The river mouth is what it make the amazing spot of Cocal, the side of Cocal where you will find more rocks is the main right hand point break, in the other side of San Blas.

The sand also make some waves with a nice left section during the low tide, it is a good place for beginners to learn to ride the white water without care about the rocks

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Lot. √Čl Cocal, Hacienda Santa Emilia. Block 6 1-4, La Libertad, El Salvador