Mandala’s layout was intended to follow the basic geometrical principles found throughout nature, resulting in a harmonious flow of energy that complements our surroundings and place.

Each Villa and structure was placed strategically on the intersecting points of the flower of life pattern,creating a living Mandala that can be seen from the ground as well as the sky. The intention is to create natural resonance among our structures, guests and the land we are on.

With this intention, we can create a thriving sanctuary for recreation, relaxation and benefit to our space, ourselves and all creation.

Our eco-villas were designed and built to minimize the use of non renewable materials, whilst  increasing the use of locally sourced or reclaimed resources, such as cob and repurposed pallet wood.

Each villa was built to maximize air flow from all directions. Natural thatched palm roofs have been strategically designed to let cool air in and warmer air out. Natural building materials retain little to no thermal heat. Powered by nothing more than a ceiling fan, the villas stay remarkably cool during the hottest of tropical days and  nights. By eliminating the constant change in air humidity created by air conditioning, our bodies are able to adjust to their natural environment, resulting in deeper sleep and relaxation.

Property Description

Mandala Eco Villas sits on a two acre property on Comalapa River Watershed, where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Nestled in what remains of a centennial Hacienda, our property is surrounded by nature and ocean. It is a vibrant and powerful country

The property has a riverfront and beachfront, where a cobblestone point creates ideal waves for surfing and fishing.

The two acres are split into two zones, north and south. The southern half is where Mandala Ecovillas & Seafood grill is located.

The north half is our designated for our food production. Although the property itself is a food forest; bearing coconuts, mangoes, bananas, almonds and edible annual and perennial herbs, the north property will be used as a bio-intensive organic farm to provide as much fresh veggies and herbs for our guests’ well-being.

The property has an artificial pond home to various species of local fish, shrimp, turtles and birds. This pond will also serve as a source of nutrients and minerals for our upcoming hydroponic systems.

Mandala Eco Villas consists of 5 villas; 4 eco suite villas ideal for singles or couples, and one family villa which sleeps 5+ comfortably.

Mandala Eco Villas El Salvador


Family Yantra Suites

Our family suite is what is commonly known as an earthen home. It is structurally made of teak wood with a thatched palm roof, with walls made out of cob.

This home, aside from its concrete foundation and nails, was made entirely from materials sourced less than 25 miles from Mandala Eco Villas.

Due to its cob construction, this building retains very little solar heat, and cools off incredibly fast.

The family Yantra villa sleeps 6 comfortably. It consists of a master bedroom equipped with a king sized bed, a living room, and an upstairs mezzanine that holds a bunk bed with a twin sized bed on top and a queen on the bottom. Below this is a pull out mattress, ideal for extra guests.


Each villa is equipped with a hypo-allergenic natural latex mattress,digital safe, desk, private observation deck and outside shower.

Our eco-suites are made entirely out of responsibly harvested Conacaste wood for structure and upcycled pallet wood for walls. The interior is lined with hand woven mats, or petate as they are locally named.

Each eco suite has an outdoor shower enhancing your experience with nature, as well as a private viewing deck for early morning or late afternoon sit downs.

Be as romantic as you can get in a tropical oasis.